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AFFIDAVIT. Off, <br />PUBLICATION <br />s s. <br />County of <br />Richar(i Fig chle- <br />Of :,aid county, bi•in- first duly sworn, says—that lie is a <br />jiialf� citizen ()f tht- l;nited States, and of the State of Cali- <br />fornia, o%ger tlse age of eighteen years; that he has no in- <br />ter vst in. nor is he a party to the matter herein mentioned; <br />I lint lie is the <br />s. or the <br />,a; .r <br />nex%-. imper- printed, prrblished and circulated <br />in lire --aid County „f' Orange that said <br />21 <br />is a newspaper of :!••ner:rl circ•ulatimi with a list of paid <br />subscr•il+,-rs, and is ;,irbli: hed fur• the dissorninntion of both <br />local and t;•eneral iiews and intelliP000e of a general char- <br />acter: that it is not devoted to the interests or published for <br />the entortainrnent of a particular class, profession, trade, <br />calling, race or den+amination, or of any number thereof; <br />(bat it has been printed and published in the City of Ana- <br />11rirri. Cotrrity of Orringe, State of California for more than <br />ffnc• V0.11, fie%t pr•rrodinf; this first day of the publication <br />hereto attneh-cl: they' '' <br />.%-rii..''_.. V. . :.•��"_ _.... 1 ....i.. = <br />