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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />)ss. <br />County of Orange } <br />of said county, being first duly sworn, says—that he is a <br />finale citizen of the United States, and of the State of Cali- <br />fornia, over the age of eighteen years; that he has no in- <br />terest in, nor is he a party to the matter herein mentioned: <br />that he is the <br />or the <br />...__._ ..._. ,.�.................. -• -- f- ------------------------ - -- --- - <br />:-...-: newspaper printed, published and circulated <br />in the said County of Orange that said <br />.......................... .i, ... , ....L._,........•........................•--------....................... <br />is a newspaper of general circulation with a list of paid <br />subscribers, and is published for the dissemination of both <br />local and general news and intelligence of a general char- <br />acter; that it is not devoted to the interests or published for <br />the entertainment of a particular class, profession, trade, <br />calling, race or denomination, or of any number thereof; <br />that it has been printed and published in the City of Ana- <br />heim, County of Orange, State of California for more than <br />one year next preceding the first day of the publication <br />hereto attached: that the <br />..................................... ---------------•-----.------•--.........----------------------------....... <br />of which the annexed Is a printed copy, was published in <br />said newspaper at <br />commencing on the. of ........... <br />19 and ending on of ........-- ......... ..- -- <br />19 ...... and that said -- -- <br />was Published on the following days: <br />...._.....-----._...... <br />Subs c bed and swp`rn to before me this..0.A5P of <br />.........--....... ..._.G <br />. . ............................................... <br />Notary Public. <br />LECAL <br />ORMWAl��. NO. fti <br />AN ANDZNAI�P CTiF1L�!'�'! Op' <br />ANAIMUK D�ilf� � A #ANP <br />ss OF OA Axa> 1 <br />N19. 1l1�'i'ITLED kAV:QistDI <br />REPEALING ORDINANC'M .2f'b2I- <br />BF.R Sit AND PRO�'IIa>E1sR 11p6#t <br />:THIS -ORRAgTION -JrN THE, Liv <br />OF ANA-31MIH .OF six : (-A) MO so <br />COWRISTING - OF i►ARIOUs Df tl- <br />TRIGTS -AND � CR�i: <br />won.� <br />T>RM aRR L ' s • e. <br />b�TR0rrIj�•SII�O. Or, DITIL lO I-680 <br />TU'Rffi61 AND !UPKOVR- <br />MEXTS; T . u E OF SIIi7H <br />BITILMMOR, .. STRIICTIIR>� - <br />PROVIMURNTS A.Nb PA•R 1flM8; <br />:THE. 14I>ilifDRTI0.: Al DT-L00AT_fyNF <br />OF RVV Di*GS AX.D ARItl& AF <br />LOT jV6TEjtpD THEItRoy l , <br />FINING CERTAIN T1S�8 VNED <br />HEREI11r 1#b `PRRnA�r <br />-THE"PDrffA><*7+y Fps,; �VId- <br />LATIANP 01 TIRI+! • PRQINO7PS. <br />IRRUMOV9.' RV. ADDI]; G40. OoW'E <br />M-$ A- PUTI <br />W-MCON. TO <br />• :*NOW-* - .S.'SUg-�CTIOx ...� <br />WHFRL $, : an application . hav- <br />ing been made for is cbunjre of sone <br />in • aco'oretsnce <br />'With the' -pxo#isions <br />of. Section $ .of..Ordinaatae 009 of'the <br />City of Anaheim :And. -hearing ham- <br />Ing' been. bad. ou said application <br />fora change of Sone in accordance <br />wftk the provision. of said' Sksetion <br />5. -and -the City, • Planning Coininis- <br />sion havlug recommended to thN <br />City Council th' -t the area herMn- <br />after . described. -be %chan`ed from <br />,Zone. 1 to ZoneM-2; <br />NO THEREO.R.E. JqM -'CITY <br />COUNCIL OF T1ft CITY =OF ANA- <br />IIR s: nOI+1S ORDAIN ' AS POP- <br />.8e900a 1. TbAt Beption 20 of Or- <br />4h3ance Ni:-mbei' -60'99 ' entitTed' "An <br />�clinitnce. Repealin; Ordinance No. <br />61.1 and PTQvW! •. foir thf •. Crdation <br />in the . City. of � � sheim of .Six " 0). <br />?ones. constetin&`_qf,,.--VarIouk.. Dtricts .snd 15rWing. Foy ,v. <br />earl Zones.. the CasAies o! lO <br />St'tactuies9 `imVXove. �s' <br />irieea; the: Heilghtsmnds #L'oi�s <br />of Buildings. apd. Area of. Ubt, COir- <br />ered Tberebyi,. Defining:., °Certai'jj <br />Terms us". H4WOn and Prescribing <br />the Penal yr toe Violation of <br />the Pratisious N Hereon.' be and. toe <br />Bathe tit hereby.. ameaded•�by adding <br />to Section - 20.. -kone M-2 a. sub' <br />tion to 'be known as. sub-sectio'l 38 <br />read.ins as loilows: <br />$1WTION .20 <br />?line 39-2. <br />(29) That. all the property in the <br />triangular area bounded by North <br />lifanchester Avsnue.. -x oa;ra Street. <br />and Lincoln Arenve: in the City of <br />Anahelin now in Zone R-1 be chang- <br />ed -to Zone -M-2.' <br />.Beetles The City Clerk shall <br />certify ted a aage of this - Ordl- <br />nanee ane# halldsCause the 'same -to <br />be printed LnQ . published once in <br />the Anaheim Bulletin. a inewdoaper <br />of general: cire)ulation. printed and <br />published and 000ulated in the City <br />of Anabetm. Caiffornia. Within fff- <br />been.' (ib) days from'''the, dste of <br />p'Wssag'•e hereof= and thirty. (80 Y days <br />frons and '.s•f%,r its final - passage, it <br />shall take .e'f.00t .and .'he in fall <br />force, <br />"The foregoi Or_d!n¢ece was <br />provet and. slp�hted• by me this Stith <br />eidy of Septeml a 1960. <br />CHAS. A. , - VARSON - <br />MAyor o9� t9-VitF of -Anaheim <br />MAL) <br />t#AR.LM$ .' E. _ H <br />irffi )4W <br />V <br />FRTH Qty' <br />AI <br />it"khelin... do <br />name . Wa .. 9$. at a ret- <br />>rne�tiug . <br />' ` City • :- <br />. <br />. � tir .Counall. -of <br />..... K414 on the <br />dad vd' <br />a .:: � 1890. sad <br />ha# th8 . sa <br />pt. gt ,i!}n�r <br />messed ad <br />of e <br />it Gourd! :-'his <br />the 148th' day <br />v0'te .16f., t <br />, . " timrept: <br />MIS.: , :130 <br />N: Peartron,. <br />Wl"er, 8eyi <br />'. ` Alb <br />6Y.: and' Van <br />on Taiir. <br />fid. ' I turf <br />or of. ther;.1E' ei1b: <br />.36kas1d ate!{'/ +. neje On <br />i4hW 36th AW. <br />- AN W't' "Fi . Y bore <br />hereunto tat Affixod. <br />seal i . Anabeim' <br />: I ''Seal aY t #p. r, 1860:, <br />+: CIAR FITH. <br />.Citi► tax of �1,sahen, <br />( b. sept. ao ttlf$ <br />