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LEGA, NOTICE IE <br />O A "NO. 769 z.... <br />'bidden and snake fho41101 <br />AFFIDAVIT <br />AR�OItD .void.A1�AHE Y CAS' TRp'CITY UI+'xf sots wx-onglp stnLIFO NI m tear oA ORI)- P. r <br />OFdeface. eface thi <br />N.G 5 b. CALL! I allot ret� � ur»� n it to <br />O s OVIDI G <br />N N <br />»OR AND GIVING NOTICE OF i the inspector of election and <br />ST:�TT+� ()r` �:`A 1.1>�'t)i; N1:1 1 SPECIAL ELECTION TO BE obtain another. <br />HELD IN THE CITY OF ANS- On absent voter's ballots mark <br />�'c,trrrt� of Orange j� HEIN ON THE ISTH DAY OF a cross (f-) with <br />pen or• pehcil. <br />y� SE]p'PFIEB>BiR, 1iMOr R THE e <br />1LiCttr .j''Ci C? j. C +le PURPOSE OF SU G TO ' BON4 P&OPOSITION: : <br />THE QUALIFIED 8 OS,hctll the ;. its of Ana- - <br />,i c�ou„t�, },Pin�. first Elul)' s�.+ srt�s tl�rlt l,e is 8 rRCIIR BONDESAID CITY A D 011T TO incuf• a bonded in- <br />IIi'de citizen of the United St, , ti a ti�btedness in the • <br />and of t},� Mate of (''all- 1V>�SS BY SAID t; I Fpg T� el►al sum of prim- <br />farnia, over t.lie age of eighteen years; that lie l,as no in- ANU .I'I'I'ON AND C9ONSTRU X1,pose ; <br />terest lri, nor is he a party to the matter herein mentioned; Ti = 000.00 :for the purpose : z <br />that he is the A CERTAIN MIINIGI- of the acquisition and : <br />j P OVEMENT� : construction for the <br />r l j ! •� , -. �, C l e .r. _ City of Anaheim of a • <br />AN the City Council of ' certain municipal im- <br />of the the Ciiry of Anaheim, ' provement. to wit. ad- <br />' -•n ^ 'lellm 3u,. " ' did on the 8th day of California,August, 1950 : ditional sanitary sew- ; <br />j= n by a vote of more the . gyp--thirdsD' ere and sewage dispos_ : <br />_ of the members of sa Coun- al facilities, including <br />4 y�l-V cit, adopt Resolution (1) additions of main :YEN: <br />a. newsPa.per prir,t.c+i, ltiuhlf9hed Hnd circulated y Coun- trunk, interceptor and : <br />irr the said ('dune of nrrr.n r t ell, ,c;,.id iltled "Resolution of tile' . : lateral ewers to the <br />etl' of the City of Anaheim.. Cpublic ;sewer .'� <br />ate„ determining the the : , of the ; <br />n; -..helm 3 ) , R .Lits ah - (2) ; <br />Z.. ••- . e '.....I'1 luielee gad necessity demand the <br />460tisoi�on and casnetruc f. n of . a <br />that u ded art or <br />!s a newspaper of -- ...._"" t 4.. <br />general ci1•c-elation with a list of ibertain a).uaicipat improv t, and share, which is to t <br />subscr•ibere and is publi;:hed for the dissemination of oth maw findf?Ws relatink thereto." t caned anti paid for of yrs <br />local and general news and i ntelligerice of a ar-ink said resolution -Was duly the Citi- of Anaheim o! <br />acter: that it is not devoted to. )the interests or p published for ed and. a (a) additions to :end en - <br />the entertainment of a pproved by the Mayor : largements of the sew- • <br />calling, race or denomination, c. or ro f l any number thereof; s6�id and attested and ctr- : age treatment plant -and • • <br />that it has been printed and btY Clerk of ' said : chlorination. plant joint-- <br />helm, County of Orange, Staten f California forimore than � lY owned by the City of : <br />one year tre�:t preceding the first day of the a#y of dnaheim <br />hereto attachAd: that the Publication othe bs and sanitary dim- = and other cid- <br />trieta own dad use. cert joint 'sanitary din- ; <br />Outfall sewer facilities . ding • <br />,�; in trunk <br />sewers 1 ti <br />----- ' - 'to a �p cemenreconstt uc- <br />r la o! r . <br />----' ---- sewage treatment len P° b o the jointly <br />of which the annexed is a p t. treat- <br />- -- :owned outfall sewer :NO : <br />P copy. Was published in meat plant an$ an ou �jeewer ;carrying sewage from ; <br />from said • treatment ply o and <br />said newspaper at leasti��g,e�� '' �= intq. the ocean• aa$ .�.: said treatment plant, : <br />-- ----:' `'�' $ WHEREA61. �sai'd lacilities hav$!' and (c) an additional ; <br />... .... main trunk sewer, with..: _ <br />be <br />-Inadequate and it • is' nece� <br />commencing on the.....- .tide oP '''� 8 t Y that said .#reatmsat .plant - connecting lines, to <br />p - •- `......:........ ... . - the chlorination plant be ealarg ry sewage to said 60*p :# _ <br />the outfall sewer replacer �n p$ - plant <br />s' 'age treatment <br />19 and ending on the.- of =,j aeiditioaal ma;i ':,t'r, sew- reconstruction <br />and nd re- _ <br />H3. .te......... er le , to 'said tr'. plant Placement <br />portions : <br />O.t be co of said outfall sewer, : <br />19 , such neer. eiAna- said additions to and . <br />.,., and that said ._._.-_.....___..___. 1�8 _ ___ _ _ to � o nY the Cities of Ana- was helm an ullerton and other puh- enlargements of the s <br />published on the following days.: � � � - � � sewage treatment plants <br />lie corporations and the City of <br />113 t 1 ^ ^ ,� ,� elm r es to is$ua bonds ;and chlorination lent, ; <br />' leap <br />..---.....�.-- �'.:� :... `�1� f ,: 5 16 ' ,3 tQ raise mo��s to pay its .and said plant, <br />part of <br />ly5 0 I the cost of said new facilities and. : main trunk sewer, to be <br />ppay the cast' of constructing ad- a paid t <br />tio8$1 sanitary sew Jointly <br />City of Ana- _ <br />iasis own <br />J the r by the - ty Of. Anal;eim; beim and other - <br />OW. - T73EREF0 _-; :. • y :corporations) ? public : c <br />e Cit u t <br />•-••-••.............. <br />unciii of tb4 City of Anaheim <br />.� RB OR <br />s follows: <br />etion t o special else- square, C <br />roes (-{-) placed in the votieig is <br />be bel .::• at $1* he word "YEf'► in the f• <br />....--'-'.....` �"`..`..:...:........��//� <br />d the same is here- manner <br />- called to b* held, in the City of be cou�befortr ploYiiiEi� shall t; <br />lehef California, on the 18tb of the >r�. favor of the adoption <br />5ubsc►ribed and sworn to before me this .day of I otaptemb r, 1960, far the per- la <br />eition. A s (+) <br />of bmitfing to the Placed « e voting aq�e after <br />. . qualified the . cavi NO in the manner here- <br />- o saiid3ndety a proposition the. ore <br />19 inourrin provided shall be couatpd <br />' 4 ' bonder of s ens and fs- gainst the adoption of the proposi- <br />.t therefor, <br />fhge amount he set forth , ction 5. That for the purpos <br />. for the .objects r <br />o dry C. pose Be lding said electi0 ere shall <br />leth in said reaolu o>a "el,nd d gre hereby e <br />Iter stated. shed ten <br />ct sox 8, That the .R n prey oWts ted as <br />kleoiti fnafter slatted. polling <br />`pos for which said. - d4e - 'tespee <br />!s - is to as foy t>6re';,.' p'recincta <br />be indurred acid ds shall be the places hereinafter des - <br />ed therefor is as follows: ignated and the persons hereinafter <br />he acquisition eAd cona<truotion named being competent and u <br />' 'the City of AnaAS-61 a of a -cer- fled electors*i xe-roe. a.- --e <br />�,li; <br />LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NMCE <br />of. Anaheim as now established for ANAHEIM BULLETIN, a newspa <br />the holding of state and county per of general circulation, printed <br />elections, <br />Polling Place: Broadway Bch published and circulated in the <br />0o1, City of Anaheim six date a week <br />418 East Broadway. No other notice of such electioi <br />Inspector: Bessie 1. Fitzpatrick need be given. <br />Judge: Ethel B. Schaffer Section 9. This ordinance shall <br />Clerks: Eunice Schaeffler an. <br />1 <br />Hulda J. Wallin take effect upon its passage. <br />ADOPConsolidated Voting Precinct -'.TI'' PROVED this 15th day ofNAugust, <br />shall consist of regular election 1950. <br />: precincts Nos. 9, 23 and 24 in the CHAS. A. PEARSON <br />: City of Anaheim as now establish- Mayor of the City of <br />• ed. for the holding of state and Anaheim, California, <br />county elections. (SEAL) <br />Polling Place: J. A. Planting's ATTEST: <br />garage, 924 West Broadway. CHARLES E. GRIFFITH <br />Inspector: Graycc: A. Planting City Clerk of the City of <br />Judge: Gertrude Gates Anaheim- California <br />Clerks: Margaret Ferguson and STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />Irene $tichtman COUNTY OF -ORANGE, <br />Consolidated Voting Precinct ''J" CITY OF ANAHEIM <br />shall conss• t of regular election I, CHARLES E. GRIFFITH, City <br />precincts I, 13 and 20 in the City Clerk of the City of Anaheim, Call - <br />of Anaheim as now established for fornia, DO HEREBY CERTIFY that <br />the hol4ing of state end county the foregoing ordinance was in - <br />elections, troduced- at a regular meeting of <br />Polling Place: City Hall, 804 Bast the City Council , <br />Center Street, duly <br />held, on the 8th day, of Augustof said City , 1950, <br />Inspector: John Kellenberger and thereafter- at an adjourned reg- <br />.Tudge: Eva H. Boyd ular meeting of said City Council <br />Clerks: Chester O.- Lewis and duly held on the 15th da of Aug - <br />Mary E. O'Neill c y <br />Consolidated Voting Precinct 17 est, •1950 was re -read duly passed <br />-shell consist of - regular election and adopted . by said • City Council <br />precincts Nos. 17, 81. and 28 in the and signed and approved by the <br />Ci of Anaheim as nowestablished Mayor of said City, and that said <br />fo the•:holding of state and county ordftance Was- passed and adopted <br />el tYons' .. � the giesibera°ot said Cit o -thirds <br />Polling • Place: Bungalow - ]61ec- Y Coun <br />-trio: Ohop. SIX 8aut3i LQs baa.. e(1• to wit: - . <br />"` les Street. AYDS: 'Counbi1men Pearson.; Wis- <br />inspector: - Frances M. ii1illings ser, Bodey, Van Wagoner <br />Judge: 'May F. #eying NOES: Coiineilmen: None <br />Olerks: X-ra IM. Scutt and. ]clary ABSENT: Councilmen: 3114yin1l <br />Alice Shawhan (BEAL) <br />Section 6. That except as - .other- CKARLE8 3 GRIFFITH <br />wise provided in this brdinancs 'the City Clerk of 'the City of <br />election called hereby' shall be con- 8q'A'r Anaheim. California. <br />deleted as provided by law for oth- <br />er .municipal elections in said city. �1 Y :OF ORANGIC ) SS, <br />Section 7. That the Council of ��*i OF ANAHEIM ) <br />sa. d City shall meet at 'its usual I' OHARLES E. GRIFFIzTH, City <br />Place of meeting in the City Hall on Clerk . o the Cjty -of Anaheim, Cali- <br />ruesday, the 19th day of Septem- iQrn186 HEREBY CERTIFY that <br />Ser, 1950, at 8 P.M., of said day, the above. -and foregoing is a . full, <br />rnd proceed to canvass the election true and correct copy of- Ordinance <br />O. 768 of said City, and - that said <br />,sterns and declare the result of h <br />laid election. ordinance was adopted at the time <br />Section 8. That the City Clerk and by the vote stated on the cer- <br />hall certify to the passage and ti3icate attached thereto, and has <br />doptian of this ordinance by a vote sot been amended or repealed: <br />,f more than two-thirds of all of DATED: August 16. 1950. <br />he members of the City Council of (SEAL) <br />aid City.' and shall cause said ord- CHARLES E. GRIFFITH <br />lance to be published once a day City Clerk of the. City <br />rr at least seven (7) days prior Lo of Auaheim, California. <br />ie date of said election in THE (Pub. Anaheim Bulletin <br />Aug. 31-22-23-24-2.5-26-28. 1950) <br />e <br />