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AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />STATE. OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />)as. <br />County of Orange ) <br />of Said county, being first duly sworn, says—that he is a <br />finale citizen of the United States, and of the State of Cali- <br />fornia, over the age of eighteen years; that he has no in- <br />terest in, nor is he a party to the matter herein mentioned; <br />that he is the <br />----- of the <br />. _ 4, ... .+ .......... ...... <br />...... ._ ...... ..._ . .._. ..... .. . .. . <br />a ::..,-- ne«•,pa,pel• printed, published and circulated <br />in the said County of Orange thILt said <br />--------------------------- <br />........ <br />is a newspaper of general circulation with a list of paid <br />subscribers, and is published for the dissemination of both <br />local and general news and intelligence of a general char- <br />a•eter; that it Is not devoted to the interests or published for <br />the entertainment of a particular class, profession, trade, <br />calling, race or denomination, or of any number thereof; <br />that it has been printed .and published in the City of Ana- <br />behn. County of Orange, State of California for more than <br />one -•ells Ispat preceding the first day of the publication <br />hereto :-attached; that the <br />....... :.:.:..................------=-...:........... ..• -- ._..._._....------........... <br />of which the annexed is a printed copy, was published in <br />said neivapaper at least.-- . �. • <br />eoinineneing on the .....:...:... .:day of . . <br />19 and ending on of ...... <br />19 :and that said <br />wa.4 Published on the following days: <br />� <br />..... ................... .... L'- -. .----- <br />} �- <br />Subscribed and sworn to before me this..r .�.._�!_day of <br />.. �. _.. .................... <br />Notary Public. <br />• <br />LEGAL NOTICE <br />_ LEGAL NOTICE <br />ORDI1rANCE NO. East North Street) in a Coun- <br />ty of Orange, State . Califor- <br />yF ORNAlaPCR �' T� Cl'J�g nia find more part4arly de. <br />'1111P ll:>l!1[ _4PPROVIF'� scribe ,e.p folle of <br />HD °' , NEXATIO TO T� <br />�eg#ing ei; a oar the <br />+IR'Y p* AleA]EL7EIf '039'. TRE sent,: east «�'t <br />• RRii 6RY KNO." AND y. 1 fine of <br />IG1 •" ' fit of Ani�heim,• d point <br />, '1WD Ary ;.. >E RTS bd +hg. the na •thez y` -11ne of <br />.. L� i Palma Avenue Wither- <br />--" •` wi4ie• known as <br />PNsat .North <br />CITY COUNC : OF TXX Street) and .080 fe 'Weastward- <br />wGF ' ANAHEIN DOZm ORDAIN ly from the- monui n e� " cea- <br />bLLOW3: ter line of , Plaeegti Avenue; <br />OCT>EbN 1: That the City Coun- thence Eastwardly 16lon , 'the <br />pf the City of A%aihdii0 did on said north line 0617, East Le <br />87th day of June, . receive, Palma Avenue (otherVae known <br />bitten petition asking tha# cer- as East North Street) a din- <br />; new and uninhabited territory tante 'of 990 feet, more or less, <br />Hbe. in said petition be an- to the easterly line of the SW'n <br />Id t6 the City- of Anaheim. of the SW'k of Section 1, Town- <br />iat asid territory proposed to ship 4 South, Range 10 West, <br />hnexed to said City of Anah*lm• San Bernardino Base and, Meri- <br />usted in the County of Orme, dian; thence southwardly along <br />1 of California, and is coati- said east line of the SW% of <br />is to the City ofAnaheim and the BW% of Sections 1, T-4-8, <br />inhabited territory. %hat said R -10-W a distance - of 80 feet <br />o°ata.Iined a description of to the center line aiit said East <br />tory in words and figures • <br />.a Palma Avenuer(otherwise after in this Ordinance do* known as East N.'. Street) <br />t <br />w said . center. line al' :.the • , Qity Couaeil duly as. south line of ells , 1, <br />t_. -a regular meeting of, T-4_g� R -10-W, M . <br />tincil held on 'the 11th thence continua . ar;i ly <br />_. -.11950, did find that said, along the east 'e N�Vk <br />he time it was filed an of the NW% o T_4_ <br />as signed by the own6m, S, R_10 -W, 8. ' <br />_ t lees than one-fe ' th of the' ' taupe of 830 - f din- <br />bf the .land in su territory tut; <br />°.thence westwar a line <br />presented not le � thea one- , . parallel to the anted <br />bt the $ssossed rie�itp of said <br />ry. 'proposed to bfi' :"annexeal Center line of E ]l:ll -Palma <br />1 1 .#A : the 11Nrt. ,. ceding Avenue (otherwieg' known to <br />e mast North Atxeje.0 ' a disten e <br />s ' assessment' moll of titd Qf g90 Y�eet more or�� less, to...a <br />j y <br />of Orange, ii;tati of Caltfor- point on the present: city 1i <br />*hiel� said territory .is sit- Line; thence "N-0°-07'-2 city along <br />• and that maid'. territory- did <br />a, part of any municipal the said east city Limit line a <br />#igen and distance of 431-08.08 feet lineaIn <br />did find that said point which is 1.0 'feet north- <br />AM nd uattgueij a inhabited s 'to the tia'y erly from the. c 'far line of <br />said East La LAvenue <br />cat (otherwise <br />60. kno as' mast <br />t on the 11th day of July. - <br />i -a. regular meeting of said °rte , Street) : th Nie•-4ii'-� <br />ounail of the City Ana- 5"-E; %along the eseat city <br />-- R,esolution No. 1758 duly •lirxlit Nine a distance of 88:88` <br />-fret t the <br />)nom dad adopted specifi. de- Is hereby approved oaiid ea do to=s i- <br />: the bounddries of .: * -- ter- <br />la- tory' is hereby annexed to and in. - <br />prop <br />osed to. be ed corpQrated in the- City of -A>sahe1=6 <br />i .,y �f Anaheiri� a ig- County of Orange. State. of Califor- <br />,: ch territory as "Herts nia and it hereby designated as the <br />and giving n hl. of <br />zatioa and firing the 8th Roberts Annexation to. the ' City of <br />• <br />.tn. gust, 1950, at the hour of Anaheim. <br />. ,. the City .Council Chant- SECTION 3: That from and after. <br />the City Hall, in the City the effective date of this Ordinapoo <br />and the filing of a tified copy <br />beim, the day, hour, andthereof.-In the o +. ho gecre- <br />�' when d .where :any perao nary of State of the an - <br />..r . , rty within By . exation . of tl#e°. h�ereiYi. <br />1 r ed to be. .z abed shall fit. to bet <br />h. factions to,-. co all be <br />might a •; `#ha We <br />too 1. of titre .such anue $lull <br />..all intents at <br />.� canna h f the City of e <br />t' t tae " sa..ii ION 4: The . lihall <br />p y to the <br />AZ <br />us t i. a :, h Prop.. nce and th <br />cause e •a to be <br />at said day, - ublished once in tom' Anaheim <br />-- .aid' 01'ace to' `show cause,' it $ulletin a daily newspaper; Print <br />- <br />y had, why such territory ed, published and eirculat in the <br />►1 not - be annexed. to' the City City of Anaheim, County of Orange& <br />.11% helm and directing. the City State of California and thin 30) <br />to- publish' or -cause to be days from Y <br />t ed- a, copy. of said Resolu- age and eater the final Masi - <br />least once s week for - two it ,ehp,ll be is full force find <br />ave weeks prior. to August offset. <br />The foregoing <br />. -Ordinance -the Anaheim., Bulforegoing.-Ordinance was ap- <br />.. Y�• . proved and signed by me this 92nd <br />W per of general. circulation, day of August, 1860. <br />b shed In the Citt of Anaheim, (BES,) <br />.o. ' : pt Orange; St�to of Cali'fo= - CHAS. A. PFA1tl6QN , <br />i ti. laid Resol pg was csus%)or of t>}a City of <br />. ��publish mid City ii <br />mid Anshii:: l�ulleti3 as S B. cRTF <br />i k o . <br />y f the. Ci ,. oi' ' <br />"the pout' .. fit the '8TA� Q.. CAI.I OR <br />tied ia.... -:'A#solution - <br />CQ Y; (iF ORANGE# : . <br />to -*it. as yDtlt day of CITY . F ANfi1+3IM . <br />1069 s� o! 8:00. s . <br />in :.;•. :jr acil'LEB{ E. G I <br />... <br />-in <br />th i In' -the t•>I• bf . ,the City . of ' da <br />-y Certify 'that <br />; <br />.. <br />oil of the :.:cif dim 104tiag. 9f .0Ci <br />and &asd od .+pity'' Of .Anaheim ld <br />-: hAd pass <br />Pro # atil. ditt Qt Auguet, <br />tea pant " were not <br />t ' 0*0. '" was- passed... d ._; a�:: :. <br />the owlie. �_• "o*nbrs of <br />of the valtl ;; the , tri- at '' 4 ! marling <br />gee l 'to' yIQ: d Y of Au oust. 8►_ e. <br />s• el±a'tog vote of . <br />#4. the la ti rid a <br />of tY' Of.''pr. .. W C07JNCi <br />on eY anj­ <br />40k#b- <br />