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Or.lii.. i jC:' 1"(D. 3604 <br />ill.,., _.... C T T'A'T LC <br />O� fHL CI.` OF �-a>.s�-��� Cf'= 7-1 - <br />IIX 0I2DI'jTJAvCE dO. 3591, lU""' 1 .0 TUE <br />nLREAS, on the 7th day of Septcrcber, 1976, the City <br />Council passed Ordinance 'No. 3591 relating to the Cor:s2unity <br />Services Board; and <br />WHEREAS, through inadvertance and clerical error the <br />terms of the members were incorrectly stated anc the sections <br />incorrectly numbered; and <br />WHEREAS, the City Council declares its intention to <br />correct said clerical error, nunc pro tunc. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COU-tiCIL OF THE CITY 01' 1v:�Ax.EI�i <br />DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECTIO1J 1. <br />That said Ordinance is hereby amenLieu, nunc pro tunc, <br />by deleting Section 1 therefrom and substituting in lieu thereof <br />the following: <br />"That the following Sections are hereby added to the <br />Anaheim Municipal Code to read as follows: <br />'1.04.800 <br />to Section 900 <br />advisory body <br />Board. <br />1.04.2310 <br />COi'ifUNITY SERVICES BOARD <br />There is hereby established, pursuant <br />of the Charter of the City of Anaheim, an <br />which shall be called the Conlmuni.ty Services <br />.010 <br />consist of fifteen <br />any paid office or <br />COldlAuaITY SERVICES BOARD i,IL'iI.BEIRS HIP <br />A NQ `1lEFUIS <br />The Coi-imiunity Services Board shall <br />(15) mer(,Lbers, none of whom shall hold <br />employment in the City government. <br />.020 The r embers of the Corxlunity Services <br />Board shall be appointed by the City Council from the <br />qualified electors of the City and shall be subject to <br />removal by motion of the City Council adopted by the af- <br />firmative votes of a +).,tajority of the total ioembership <br />thereof. <br />.030 Each mercer of the Corimunity Services <br />Board shall serve for a term of four (4) years and until <br />their respective successors are appointed anc qualified; <br />provided, however, that the terns of the Conotlission rterabers <br />first appointed shall eNpire as designated by the City <br />Council at tine time of their appointments as follows: <br />Three on the 30th day of June of the <br />first year foilo,,r7inCj appoint -Melt; four on the 30th c_ay of <br />June of the second year following a:%ointoLent; four on the <br />30th day of June Ga , tho third year folloWinq a pointi£�ent., <br />and four on the 30th :Layof i -ane of the fourth year _ollov7ir-1g <br />appointment. <br />-1- <br />