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NO. 2769 <br />1 .0 ate: l I T Y 0_ AN. a__1 I_ A` .1 T:; <br />I1LE 17, 17-08, BY AD I. .'. <br />S:E CT I0 "1 17 .:x$ . j 7 . <br />iaiE CITY COU,' CIL OF T1. CITY OF ,'DOEq ORDAT1 <br />AS FOLLOW. <br />-;S <br />SEC=Oi.v i. <br />That Title 17, Chanter 17.0$ of the Pna Bei- i 1,7unici-)al <br />Cody be, and the same is here,{D,.' ami,�)`decl b-- addi a t ereto <br />Section 17.08.407 P reading as follow -,a <br />"SECTION 17.0$. 407 DELAY OF' FEES AvlF, PLY"'Ir," <br />"Tile fees rer^uirecto 1je -paio thr-_ sections of <br />this c 1.a=:)ter_ r,a- be dela -ed -{�a t t?ie tine provideu <br />in said sections b'y, 1 --'ie City Nlanaae.r pursuant to a <br />written aareeracnt wit -1-1 a sub- diVic".er for sued tif,,,te <br />as t ie CitV "anager ir�a�, . in his cziscr^tion - cxc� ri <br />to be ir. t-Ic->>Liv1iC inter,'.st tC� recu.ire oavm-,Ynt of <br />said fees." _ _ <br />SECTION 2. <br />The C ituj, Cler». shall certlf-% to titch ;patisacie of this <br />Ordinance and small cause t to sane to tie printed once wit'li_- <br />fifteen (15) days after its adonti.on, in tutu ASla�tlei;m Bulletin, <br />a news aa-oer of general circulation,. Drinte -r)u-)l _J s:-. _cl. anal cir- <br />culated in said City, and this,,? (30) day -s fro -,11 and after its <br />final ,passage it shall take effect and. 1)e in full force. <br />THE FORJ]GOIsJG 0I:LI7NA14CE is an Droved and s _Cxned, b no <br />L11_LSday of. <br />_. 6 th___ <br />ATTEST <br />CIT..' CLERAK OF THE CITY OF AIS;AHEI's <br />