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Affidavit Of Pab1_JC�:11iUY1- <br />State (,,f, ) C. <br />ss <br />County of 0-,,anE0- <br />charies! Irluchol of said county beinC, sworn says that <br />d <br />1-.o is a citizo,,_1 of t is Unit, -1 sta-ess over the age of e_JEiiteen <br />years; <br />That <br />he is <br />tpo principal clerk of <br />the <br />An-ahoiin Gazette <br />a weekly <br />news <br />paper <br />printed an,"'L p-,iblishe-ft <br />and <br />circulated <br />in the said county of oran6e a -,-id the city of Anaheim,that the <br />ordinance of <br />2. printed <br />copy <br />was published <br />in said newspaper at <br />least once <br />a <br />week and <br />every <br />week for twO <br />weeks coi(mioncja-,6& on the twenty third day of April 1391 and end <br />t`1; '"h d', y f 1 <br />se vent o i, i El I <br />S11I)se-ri,Ded and swc)rn to �,cfore me, <br />tYui S '1,jy of 1,*Lay 1391 <br />Ak <br />both days inclusive. <br />OrdinanceNo, 67. <br />An Ordinance to Provide for a 1! <br />special o submit <br />to the eters of <br />the Ci eim the <br />propurring an <br />os os <br />indebtedness of Ofteen <br />Thousand Dollars for the <br />construction qf _ a City Hall, <br />for the extension -and com- <br />--pletion of thp_ City , ff4ter <br />__'Worh§r_;for th, grading and <br />improvement ' of Streets <br />within the CIO -of Anaheim, <br />and the purchase of prop- <br />erty for Fire Department. <br />The Board of. Trustees of the City of Ana- <br />heim do ordain as follows: <br />WHEREAS, As declared by the ocdjuance number <br />Go oassed be said Board of.Trustees On the 11th— 4&Y <br />11� <br />