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Affidavit Of Publication. <br />State Of ualifornia, ) <br />)ss <br />county Of Orange.) <br />of said county being duly sworn <br />says That he is a eizen of the United its r <br />Y es <br />t o over the age <br />of eighteen years;thRt he is the principal slerk,of the Ana <br />heim Gazette,a weekly news paper printed and published and <br />circulated in the said county of Oranje and the city of "'na <br />hei—+hat the Ordinance of which the annexed is a printed copy <br />was published in said newspaper at lest once a week and every <br />week for two weeks commencing on the twelfth day of Marek <br />I89I and ending o n the twenty sixth day of Marey I89I.Both <br />days inclusive. <br />Subscribed and sworn to before me,this <br />.2-77 4 day of March 1891- <br />Ordinance <br />89I - <br />Ordinance <br />No. 66. <br />An Ordinance declaring the <br />necessity for constructing <br />a City Hall, for the exten- <br />sion and completion of the <br />City Water Works, for <br />the grading and improue- <br />meet of streets, and the <br />purchase of property for <br />fire department. <br />✓�; �-� Wit. <br />r' <br />�i <br />the sdof'Trustees of the Cityofl4na= <br />'+n do ordain aefollow.. <br />800"On 1.—it is hereby determined that the �°` <br />Inter0st and UseWhy demand, thea <br />a City -Holl; thee ezteneion and Public <br />City Water construction of <br />sent of the Work e, and the %rad1nmPletion of the ,. <br />Its of the public Streets within the and improve - <br />property for <br />fire ty odepartmen: and the corporPurchaate I <br />Section Z.—That the <br />and each of them will a oosat of Said - <br />ry annual Prove <br />e ordinary rrreat menta <br />municipality. lneome and to be Paid out of <br />Section 3- a°°DUs of this <br />Of this ordins 3—The <br />and Clark shall Shawl c¢rtify to the <br />for two successive weeks iu the it to be Passagelied <br />a news a AxexScnr Published <br />F Per ielin. d and published weekly city of <br />y in said <br />President of the Board of THEODORE REISER, <br />Amahalm, Trustees of the citq of <br />tI here at ally that the foregoing ordinance was <br />he Clu meetin og <br />1891,th of Anabeim, held on the 9th day Trustees M <br />t at it Was dal PIf rc E <br />a regular meeting of the Passed and adopted �y of Anaheim held Board of Trustees of the <br />18A1, y the following o the Ilth day of bfarch, <br />and Reiser Littlelied, Witte, Bennerecbeidt <br />�hThat the President ed the Board of Trustees of ti;e <br />d of Anaheim signed th10 same on the lith dIIAay of <br />, I89I. <br />Clerk of the IfEBELUNo <br />y of Anaho <br />