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Public Comment <br />From: Ken Fujiyama < <br />Sent: Tuesday, June 8, 2021 11:20 AM <br />To: Public Comment <br />Subject: SUNKIST PLAZA DEVELOPMENT AND IT'S DETRACTORS <br />Honorable Mayor Sidhu and Anaheim Council Members, <br />My name is Ken Fujiyama, the purpose of my comment is to request you <br />join me in urging Anaheim activist Vern Nelson AKA "The Drunk Man On <br />Anna Drive" to get treatment for his alcoholism. <br />As you know Vern is a chronic alcoholic, having been convicted FIVE times <br />of Drunk Driving! The latest in the Disneyland parking garage on a day <br />when the park sold over 10,000 CHILDRENS PASSES. His blood alcohol <br />level was more than 2.5 times the legal limit. Vern sensibly checked into the <br />Salvation Army shelter and spent six months rehabilitating and sorting used <br />clothing. Sadly, Vern has recently relapsed. <br />His relapse can be evidenced by his unkept appearance, foul odor, <br />unpredictable behavior and frankly delusion. Vern's degradation continues, <br />in an example as outlined by members of the Orange County Progressive <br />movement in the expose: "The Worst Kept Secret In Liberal Orange <br />County" (SEE LINK BELOW) in which an intoxicated Nelson sent sexually <br />explicit messages to women he had NEVER MET! Subsequently Vern and <br />his wife posted this woman's (a wife and Mother) picture on social media for <br />the world to see. As if that was not bad enough, they posted a caption that <br />Vern was locked in the Bathroom DRUNK masturbating to her picture! This <br />is ALL Documented and Audio tapes of Vern forcing his wife to apologize is <br />available. <br />I understand that some of you do not always agree with Vern politically and <br />that he often stoops low in his personal attacks on you. But, as community <br />members and as leaders I implore you to join me in PUBLICALLY <br />convincing Vern to get the help he needs before he hurts himself or others. <br />SEE LINK: <br />